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Our coaches know the shortcuts to great results!

Individual approach is the sure way to achieve the results youve wanted. When you come to our gym in Kiev, your club card will give you the right for personal coaching by Timur Mazur. Of course, he wont be able to stay with you during the whole training process, but hell surely give you the right instructions. All you have to do is tell him what your desired results are and youll get the directions.

In fact, the coaching process in not just in giving out instructions its in recoding and comparing of your parameters:

  1. Your personal entry is created in our database. It holds your initial parameters and, whats even more important all the changes throughout your training period. Youll be able to see how good youve done so far any time youd want.
  2. Every two weeks we perform a control measurement and see how efficient your program is in terms of achieving your own goal. If the productivity isnt satisfying, Timur will see whats wrong and make the necessary improvements.
  3. Mind, that hes a really result-oriented person, so you will surely get what you want to get a slim figure, strong biceps or any other muscle, improved endurance. In our Kiev gyms you will achieve your goals. Everyone does there are no exceptions.

What are the main benefits of our Kiev fitness club?

  • Training program developed by a specialist with 24 years of experience.
  • Guaranteed achievement of your desired results
  • You train according to the program. Well think and calculate for you.

You know, whats really interesting? The more experienced of you may have already noticed this fact the more goals you achieve in the gym, the more you program yourself to win in any situation. Being a winner gives you a better attitude, which, in its turn, makes every experience in life more pleasant for you.

As you see, if youve come here and want to workout in Kiev, the best idea would be to find one of our gyms. We dont just promise positive results, like everyone else we make it happen for you. In any Kiev gym of ours, youll find an individual coaching approach and a super efficient training program developed personally for you by a fitness and bodybuilding specialist and maniac Timur Mazur.

Of course, if youre experienced enough, you may just not apply for coaching and train by your own program in our Kiev gyms. But isnt it interesting to see another approach? We really think it is. Nothing is perfect, so maybe if you combine the best parts of our coachs instructions and your preferences, youll devise an incredibly efficient training method for yourself. Its easy to try.