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Make Muscles, Not Excuses!

Achieve Grand Results in our Kiev gyms with Timur Mazur

Welcome, dedicated fans of the healthy way of life and ultimate fitness. If youve come to Kiev or Odessa and dont want to stop training, were glad to introduce you our fitness clubs of truly European level.

Timur-GYM Stimul-GYM Body Language Gym in Odessa

Timur-GYM and Stimul-GYM in Kiev

Body Language in Odessa

They are the best gyms in Kiev and all of Ukraine, established by Timur Mazur a bodybuilder and a fitness trainer with 24 years of experience. Hes a fan and a professional both and values fun as well as efficiency in training.

Everything in our gyms is made to satisfy beginners as well as experienced visitors. Of course, many Kiev fitness clubs offer dozens of different machines, but well give you the ones that you really need. Timurs training methods wont leave you wandering around the gym, thinking what to do. They will involve you in an efficient fitness program with the specialty of your choice. Getting in shape, growing muscles, losing weight everything is possible with professional assistance of Timur Mazur.

The Advantages of Our Kiev Fitness Clubs

Well, the main advantage is that we offer you not just generic gyms in Kiev or Odessa, but a way to achieve your personal fitness goals. It doesnt even matter if youre experienced or not a consultation with Timur Mazur will increase the efficiency of your training anyway, along with:

  • A wide range of different fitness machines for all possible purposes.
  • Cardio machines to enhance your endurance and positive energy balance.
  • Medical sun baths for the unique treatment of your skin and a healthy tan.
  • Infrared saunas, for exceptional honing of your health to absolute perfection.
  • Fitness bars to supply the needed energy and muscle material to shape your body.
  • Professional coaching by Timur Mazur and his team of qualified fitness experts.
  • Databases for keeping track of your parameters and documenting real results.
  • Massage specialists for the quicker rehabilitation of your body after the training.

Its quite clear that its everything thats really needed for successful and effective training. This is why we say our gyms in Kiev and Odessa are worth your time.

Timur Mazur always says Meals must be wholesome, training must be tasty! and every fitness fan would understand what that means. Once we give the body what it need, it will give us back what we want. One cant lose weight just by thinking about it, hes got to work and shape himself up. The last secret is in the enjoyment that one gets from training. Motivated by the results, youll come to the gym just because you like it and you want more. Our goal is to make it all happen for you, help you achieve what youve always wanted, whatever it is: better health, stronger and bigger muscles , a beautiful body, less fat Just come to our fitness Kiev  clubs and set up the results you want to achieve well do the rest together.