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Weve got what youre looking for the best gym Kiev has to offer!

Travelling abroad shouldnt mess with your personal health program. In fact, nothing should. When keeping yourself healthy and fit is an important part of your life, youre not going to lose it just because youre far from home, are you? Got stuff to do in Ukraine? Find the best gym in Kiev and let nothing stop you. What weve got for you is a club established by a bodybuilding fan and professional with 24 years of experience Timur Mazur. In our gyms youll find every fitness machine and convenience that youre used to. Dont change your way of life, workout in Kiev.

Classic machines pump iron till you feel that pleasing pain in your muscles. Theyre available in all our gyms for everyone to enjoy. It doesnt matter if youre a beginner or a professional well devise an efficient workout program for you.

Nothings better after a good work-out than a relaxing massage. But thats not all. We offer a dozen massage types from general and anti-cellulite, to professional manual therapy all aimed at keeping you healthy and fit.

Cardio-machines have become a must have for every fitness club today. All our gyms are equipped with treadmills, elliptical trainers, classic and recumbent stationary bikes. Keep watch over your heart rate and burn that fat everythings set.

With todays pace of life its almost impossible to get the right amount of sunlight on your skin. Mind that its something our bodies really need and without it we fade just like flowers do. Check out our certified sun booths and get what you need.

No one will ever deny the positive influence of proper sauna usage on your health. As long as we position ourselves as a health club, we try to implement every possible way to help you achieve a perfect harmony of body and mind.

They say youre what you eat. If we dont take it literally, it makes sense. You cant be totally fit without a healthy diet. Timur says wholesome food, tasty training, but that doesnt mean that healthy meals arent good well show you.

Why bother looking for sport nutrition all over the city, when everything you need is available in our gyms in Kiev? In addition, we offer fresh juices, natural and oxygen cocktails. Your body will be happy thats for sure.

So, youve brought your children to Kiev and want them to keep fit as well? Weve devised special youth programs, so dont hesitate and bring your kids with you. In ten years they will thank you for what youve done.

A Kiev fitness club cant be called that if it doesnt offer yoga and pilates courses. Achieve perfection, honing your body to the state of a balanced and working mechanism that you can totally control.

Dancing is a form of fitness training too, no doubts. Weve got special courses aimed mostly at women. They will let you learn belly dance moves as well as stretch your body to the state when no posture is uncomfortable for you.

Everyday fitness classes something classic, entertaining and efficient. If youre willing to participate, just see our schedule and come. Our professional trainers cant wait to see your results and the way youre happy about them. They provide the fitness Kiev residents and guests deserve and they really love their job