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Train, Achieve, Improve.
Check out our Kiev fitness club at Solomenskiy district!

Stymul-GYM welcomes fitness fans in Kiev. If your way of life includes keeping yourself fit and healthy, being abroad doesn’t mean you have to change it in any way. Workout in Kiev just like you did at home and observe the results.

Of all the gyms in Kiev, those founded by Timur Mazur are the most result-oriented. Stymul-GYM is not an exception – it has everything for efficient training of all your muscles, as well as general endurance and strength. It’s the personal policy of Timur – he says we must see results inside and outside.

So, if you’re looking for a gym in Kiev, Stimul-GYM is what you need, because…

It has every machine that you’re used to.

Indeed, this Kiev gym offers you a wide range of training variants, from traditional weights to treadmills. If you have a personal program, you’ll surely be able to follow it here. Now, if you don’t, Timur and his team will develop one, according to your desires and physical abilities.

Stimul-GYM is a fully equipped fitness center.

Instead of just physical training, we offer you a variety of activities aimed at improving your health as well as enjoyment. We’re sure you will love our sauna and massage that brings you unmatched relaxation. There aren’t many gyms in Kiev that offer not just recreational usage of those conveniences, but actual medical one.

Check out our Kiev fitness club at Solomenskiy district