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Sport Nutrition

Sport nutrition in our Kiev fitness clubs
Support your efforts with professional food

It’s normal for a bodybuilder to take pure protein instead of eating protein-based products. As our experience shows, this way is more efficient and easy. You should only use what your organism really needs, and that’s what sport nutrition is for.

All our Kiev gyms offer a variety of products that you may want…


This is the main material for building your muscles and giving them the perfect shape. If you take pure proteins in the form of water-based cocktail, you’re going to lose fat quite fast. In our gyms in Kiev and Odessa, we also serve protein cocktail based milk – for those who may want to enjoy a better taste.

Amino acids.

They’re just what you need for increased muscle growth and fat burning. With the positive influence on metabolism, taking amino acids also gives you more energy for training. Take some before starting a workout in our Kiev fitness club and you’ll see how easily you’ll achieve the needed shape.


No one will ever argue with the fact that our organisms need vitamins for proper health. Every day you need to receive defined doses of different micro- and macro elements that take an important part in every function of your body. Try out our vitamin complexes for the better results and healthier state.


It doesn’t have the same base as “create” by accident. Creatine plays a huge role in replication and growth of almost all the cells in your body. Taking it while training will no doubt enhance your results and help you shape your body the way you want it to be. In our Kiev gyms we suggest everyone to take it.


No pain – no gain, that’s for sure. Take some gainers and you’ll see your body mass take a huge jump forward. There’s no need to try and make food rich in calories when you can just use these wonderful cocktails and watch your muscles grow to perfection.