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Timur Mazur

Timur Mazur
A bodybuilding fan, a professional bodybuilder, Mr. Biceps 2005

When we say the best, we really mean it. Our Kiev fitness club was founded by a specialist of unmatched skill and whats even more important one who love fitness and lives it to the max. Thats why we call ourselves the best gym in Kiev.

Greetings, my friends.

Im glad to give you my team of qualified specialists who possess lots of working secrets of ultimate health of body and soul. Theyve dedicated their whole lives to finding the ways to achieve wonderful results in fitness and sport. Let them guide you and help you take 100% out of every training session on every machine. Its easier to start assisted by successful experience than just go by yourself, making all the mistakes we would have helped you avoid. Being successful today means to trust only professionals in everything and fitness isnt an exception. Why should you do something that weve already done for you? My team has seen all the pitfalls and knows all the shortcuts to astonishing results. I like to say weve cracked all the nuts open, leaving the core for you to enjoy.

If theres a fitness and bodybuilding expert in Ukraine its Timur Mazur. With 24 years of experience, hes already made his favorite hobby into business to help the others achieve their desired results. For Timur, fitness is the life, so his methods are working and extremely efficient.

Timurs motto is wholesome food, tasty training and youll remember that when working out in our gyms in Kiev. The time spent will be tasty once you see the results. Even if Timur isnt coaching you at the moment, you can always come to him for advice or instructions just be sure to follow them.

You may trust Timur Mazur in matters of your body. Hes an expert not in curing disease, but in staying fit and healthy. All the people working with him got their wanted results, provided they follow his ways and dont stop. Want to workout in Kiev effectively? Timur will help you with it.

If youre a specialist too, youll find a lot of interesting topics to discuss with Timur. Were also quite sure that youll be quite content with our training base, all the machines and conveniences we offer. Come to our gyms and join the community of people who value their fitness and health.