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Kiev Fitness Center in Kiev Historical Center
Enjoy the quiet part of our city

Welcome to Timur-GYM in the Podil area of Kiev, a relatively calm place for you to work on your health. Its quite easy to get here from any part of the city even in the peak hours and thats a serious advantage. Once youve come to Kiev, youd understand why the city wasnt planned for such heavy traffic and large population. Now its overcrowded and hard to navigate through. Thats why we care so much for the position of our gyms in Kiev.

Timur-GYM is our effort to create a Kiev gym of a European level and we see it as quite a successful one. Come see for yourself it has everything you need for proper fitness training. Specifically, Timur-GYM at Podil offers:

  • Two zones with all kinds of fitness machines, designed to work with every muscle group. A cardio training zone with treadmills, stationary bikes, etc. Basically, theres everything you need to maintain an efficient fitness program.
  • Professional massage for you to relax and keep your spine healthy as well. Our experts will give you any kind of treatment you need. They will also make sure you dont do anything that may cause you real back problems.
  • Infrared sauna a real support for your health. Its not just a luxury, its a necessity for anyone who wants an efficient health program. The INFRADOC in our gym in Kiev has a perfectly positive effect on literally every part of your body.
  • The MegaSun t-200 vertical sunbed just what your skin needs. Kiev workout clubs often offer commercial tanning baths, but thats just ridiculous. We give you a perfect combination of light and air for the ultimate health.
  • Fitness-Bar wholesome and nutritious sources of energy and mass available here. You may enjoy the fresh juices or sport cocktails youre used to as well as natural beverages based on milk, nuts and honey.

Kiev Fitness Center in Kiev

Of course, in Timur-GYM youll be able to benefit from professional coaching by Timur Mazur and his team of experts. Its not necessary to stop your workout program just because youre abroad. Here, as well as in any of our gyms in Kiev youll achieve the results you want with the help of committed bodybuilding and fitness experts. Timurs team is very efficiency-oriented, so you wont have to worry about anything at all. They say let us do the thinking, while you workout and their method works. Timur-GYM is convenient in every way possible, thats why we think of it as of our success in creating a European gym in Kiev.

Healthy nutrition for every visitor.

You shouldnt ignore our fitness-bar in Stimul-GYM, as it will provide you with needed energy as well as building material for your muscles. We offer sport nutrition as well as wholesome natural supplements made right in front of you. Its like putting pure health in the blender and letting you drink it all!

Timurs professional Team.

Every fitness club in Kiev, owned by Timur Mazur, can boast a team of experts that wont stop till they help you achieve your desired results. Theyre all experienced enough and some even hold international awards as bodybuilder or coaches. Timur gathered them himself, so he personally guarantees your satisfaction.

Achievement and overachievement!

Unlike some other Kiev gyms, Stimul-GYM is not a place where you train on your own. We take personal responsibility for all the members of our club and work towards their goals non-stop. Here you wont feel any coaching pressure just reasonable encouraging and personal involvement. The results will astonish you!

Stimul-GYM fitness as a lifestyle

This is exactly why we say professional and fan about Timur Mazur. A professional alone has it as a job, a fan alone as a hobby. When you mix both in our Kiev fitness clubs, you get a whole life of keeping yourself healthy. As fans we understand what you want, as professionals we understand what you need, thats why were the best of the best. Come to Stimul-GYM and see for yourself.

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