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Healthy Food

Wholesome meals, tasty training!
Keep yourself healthy for our Kiev fitness clubs

A balanced diet is the key to good health and Timur knows that very well. With the help of expert nutritionists he has devised a meal program that would lead you to ultimate fitness.

The basic rule says Do not leave home without breakfast and its easily understood. The first meal in the morning gives you more than 50% of the days energy. It means that without breakfast youre going to be half as efficient as you normally are. Thats a serious impact on training and your health too.

Another important rule is Eat less, but more times a day. Its a matter of a steady flow of nutrients that fuel up your body and let it excel all day long. Of course, you cant just eat all the time, but having three healthy snacks between meals will help you a lot.

Anyway, we wont just give out all our secrets of healthy way of life here. The main goal is becoming fit and feeling fit. Its like being healthy inside and outside. If you really want to become ultimately fit, come to our Kiev gyms and consult the professionals. Well tell you what to eat and when to do it. Whats even more important well tell you what you shouldnt eat under any circumstances. With all the advice combined youll achieve excellent results even faster. A complex approach is the key to success balance every aspect of your life and youll be amazed by the results.